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«Сhiсoladе group» -is a reliable and effective partner when it comes to the realization of any EVENT & MICE projects.


We have been productively working with the Russian and foreign commercial, financial and consulting corporations, pharmaceutical companies, the world's leaders of FMCG branch for more than 8 years. We provide the full complex of services of arranging inner and outer corporate events (cyclic conferences, exhibitions, presentations, client events, anniversary celebrations, any kind of event&mice events in Russia and overseas).
Our business units, that compile Chicolade group, can operate both as independent business elements (every unit belongs to its own business sector), and all together if it's required. Thus we minimize the usage of использование of subcontracts, solving the wide spectrum of tasks to the maximum.


The qualities that define a choice of the clients:

  Professional creativity Experienced creative team. Collaborations with producers from theaters and television, club promoters and art-directors;
Our own material and technical base We don’t ask for its providing, we provide it ourselves;
Efficiency and optimal pricing By using the wide spectrum of our own resources we make faster decisions, and the price will be much lower in comparison to other proposals;
Credit capability We practice the scheme of partial or full post-payment regardless the size of the budget of the event;
Innovative solutions We do not get caught in the endless loop of “the usual”, we constantly look for the fresh ideas and original technical solutions;
Mobility Before suggesting the solution to our client, we walk though the path by ourselves ,even it is at the other end of the Planet;
Professional loyalty and Consulting We always take the opinion of our clients into consideration, and we advocate for our professional position in your interests. We practice the check-list, that helps us to think over and foresee all the details, depending on the previous experience;

The main creed of our team is to orientate ourselves towards the client! We deny the so called “conveyer” approach to any work. We are aiming to keep up the long-term relationship with every client, based on the upscale and well-timed fulfillment of our obligations.







    >Conferences   >Corporate events
    >Presentations   >Branch events
    >Teambuildings   >Public events
    >Seminars   >Festivals, concerts, KVN games
    >Trainings   >Sports competitions
    >Round-table discussions in Moscow and regions   >Official receptions and ceremonies


    >Visa support   >Making of original concepts and script elaboration
    >Transfers on the regular and charter flights   >Producing activities
    >Arranging ground and water transfers   >The booking of Russian and foreign artists
    >The complex arrangement and inspection of the hotel services   >Producing the musical projects
    >Catering and restaurants leasing   >Escorting the corporate clubs and sections
    >Excursions arrangement   >Audio and video-production






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Chicolade Group is created by a team of the first-class experienced managers and it is constantly developing.

Our team stands for stability, professionalism, responsibility for the decisions, interchangeability, mutual support, the solidarity in values and interests.







Through visual images we are bringing information that inspires action, bringing a new look at the world, is changing the usual. New technical methods and original creative solutions allow you to create masterpieces for You.

30, Chasovaya St., Moscow
+7 (495) 231-43-01

e-mail: info@a1pr.ru


Our creed is to be one step ahead, beting the rivals and forecasting the expectation of our guests.

bld 21, 7A, 1st Ostankinskaya St., Moscow
+7 (495) 722-77-46

e-mail: info@ag-catering.ru



Quality, reliability and efficiency in fulfiling the tasks. 

Without false modesty we can assure you that Acoustic Service brand is a quality mark of the technical realization of the projects regardless its complexity.

The company is aiming to work not for quantity but for quality

bld 15, 15, Energetichesky proezd, Moscow
+7 (495) 233-13-13





198215 Moscow, Chasovaya st., 30
phone: +7 (495) 231-43-01
fax: +7 (495) 231-43-02


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